Feb/March - 2018 Spring/Summer Tryouts    

Christmas Break Camp Dec 26-27 for All Ages

Brookings February Frost Tourney - Feb 2-3

Tri-State Ambush 

Youth Basketball Academy

2018 Spring/Summer Team Tryouts - TBD (Feb/March)

Harrisburg Area information

February/March 2018 - TBD

At The Academy in Harrisburg


11U-14U Girls from 4-5 pm

10U-12U Boys from 5-6 pm

13U-14U Boys from 6-7 pm

15U-16U Boys from 7-8 pm

Cost: $25 in the Feb/March

Mt Vernon Information

February/March 2018 - TBD

At Mount Vernon High School


10U-11U Girls from 12:00-1:00 pm

12U-13U Girls from 1:15-2:15 pm

14U-16U Girls from 2:30-3:30 pm

11U-12U Boys from 3:45-4:45 pm

13U-14U Boys from 5:00-6:00 pm

Cost: $25 in the Feb/March

2018 Spring/Summer Teams - HARRISBURG AREA

To confirm your spot and guarantee the Player Fee for next Season please register below and pay the non-refundable fee (unless team does not form). There will be one more tryout in Feb/March that we would like all athletes to show up to if possible. Athletes who tried out in November will NOT have to pay at the door at that time. Thank you! 

15U Boys - 2018 Team

Dillon Gestring - Vermillion

Jaxon Hunter - Harrisburg

Jacob Jensen - Vermillion

Cael Mockler - Vermillion

Noah Dennis - Dell Rapids

Need 4-5 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD

14U Boys - 2018 Team

Eli Radtke - Luverne

DJ Jones - Sioux Falls

Need 7-8 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD

13U Boys - 2018 Team

Andrew Austin - Rock Rapids

Braden Fersdahl - Dell Rapids

Wyatt Gestring - Vermillion

Ty Hertz - Vermillion

Carson Smith - Vermillion

Nick Nelson - Bonesteel

Ben Helland - Sioux Falls

Kamren Koster - Dell Rapids

Kaden Roben - Sioux Falls

Ethan Winterton - Garretson

Brayden Pankonen - Dell Rapids


Khammala Kong - Sioux Falls 

12U Boys - 2018 Team

Jade Anstine - Dell Rapids

Ashton Valencia - Sioux Falls

Need 7-8 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD

11U Boys - 2018 Team

Lincoln Fersdahl - Dell Rapids

Jacob Hanson - Sioux Falls

Jack Jacobsen - Sioux Falls

Nolan Krull - Sioux Falls

Carson Myron - Sioux Falls

Tad Tjaden - Dell Rapids

Eli Boyd - Sioux Falls

Braden Gruis - Dell Rapids

Jaden Cordova - Sioux Falls

Wish Nelson - Sioux Falls 

Need 1-2 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD

10U Boys - 2018 Team

Eli Boyd - Sioux Falls

Jaden Cordova - Sioux Falls

Lincoln Anderson - Sioux Falls

O'Dell Davis III - Sioux Falls

Need 5-6 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD 

14U Girls - 2018 Team

Payton Pickering - Harrisburg

Annika Noem - Brandon

Keighlor Nolz - Hartford

Drew Kuyper - Lennox

Rayann Hoppe - Lennox

Alicia Rudd - Lennox

Haileigh Barnhardt - Dell Rapids

Need 2-3 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD

12U Girls - 2018 Team

Claire Noem - Brandon

Isabel Carda - Sioux Falls

Carli Kuyper - Lennox

Need 6-7 More Players

Tryouts in Spring TBD