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2019 Spring/Summer Team Tryouts - Sioux Falls Area

Thank you to all the athletes that came to our tryout this fall! We are excited for the future of the program and coming season! Registration will be open next week to confirm your spot on a team for the coming season

- Deadline to confirm will be February 1st, 2019.

Parents - We need your help to fill some teams! Please have interested players email us to set up an individual tryout for the summer program. Our coaches will be scouting this winter as well. Thank you!  

15U Girls - 2019 Team

Keighlor Nolz
Drew Kuyper
Haileigh Barnhardt
Alicia Ruud

Need 4-5 Players to Join this Team

13U Girls - 2019 Team

Carli Kuyper

Landree Meister

Danica Rozeboom

Mya Nuebel

Izzy Carda

Tessa Tieman

Carly Katzer

Ciara Velasquez

Caitlyn Cradduck

Avery Bogenreif

12U Girls - 2019 Team

Sophia Randall

Ellie McDonald

Jayci Olson

Addison Scholten

Savannah Rawden

Sela Olivier

Kassidee Stykel

Need 1-2 Players to Join this Team

16U Boys - 2019 Team

Ryan Schneidermann

Tadesse Van De Stroet

Need 5-6 More Players to Join this Team

15U Boys - 2019 Team

Jake Williams

Myles Tipton

Aiden Erickson

Gabriel Grant

Eli Radtke

Sam McClanahan

Brock Longville

Cole Schilling

Camden McDonald

14U Boys - 2019 Teams

Jade Anstine            

Connor Marquardt          

Lincoln Sabers      

Kamren Koster

Cade Joyce                   

Michael Anderson

Trevor Garaets              

Sam Schmitt

12U Boys - 2019 Team

Jack Jacobson

Jayden Cordova

Tyler Rozeboom

Coulter Dobberpuhl

Carson Myron

Landon Cerny

Biruk Van De Stroet

Jack Krell

Need 2-3 Players to Join this Team

11U Boys - 2019 Team

O'Dell Davis

Kobe Gully 

Trevor Keizer

Mathew Mead

Need 5-6 Players to Join this Team

10U Boys - 2019 Team

Jackson Peppel

Andrew Buresh

Connor Jones

Drake Severson

Quinton Hollan

Need 4-5 Players to Join this Team