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Individual/Small Group Lessons - The QUICKEST way to improve!
50/50 Spring Hoops Workouts - 7 Thursdays Starting April 4th
VOLLEYBALL CAMP - April 14th for 1st-12th Grades!
March Madness 3on3 Tourney - April 7th in Harrisburg 

Tri-State Ambush 

Youth Basketball Academy

2018-19 Winter Teams - HARRISBURG AREA

Register for the Harrisburg Winter Teams. Any questions please email Garrett - tri-stateambush@hotmail.com  

8th Boys White

Brayden Pankonen - Dell Rapids 

Ty Naaktgeboren - Sioux Falls SD

Noah Haynes – Crooks SD

Chase Jones - Dell Rapids SD

Braeden Nirva - Dell Rapids SD

Luke Randall - Dell Rapids SD

Ty Hertz - Vermillion SD

Wyatt Gestring - Vermillion SD

Tyler Horner - Sioux Falls SD

Coach Ryan Millsap

8th Boys Blue

Jade Anstine - Dell Rapids, SD

Nathan Babb – Tea, SD

Will Jaton - Dell Rapids, SD

Kamren Koster - Dell Rapids, SD

Dylan Mathis - Dell Rapids, SD

Lucas Wagner - Sioux Falls, SD

Jorgen Sorum - Sioux Falls, SD

Joel VanDeStroet – Inwood, IA

Jared Bennett - Sioux Falls, SD

Logan Ellison - Crooks, SD


Gavin Rook - Sioux Falls, SD

Matt Anderson - Canton, SD

Coach Cory Jacobsen

6th Boys

Jamir Byrd - Sioux Falls SD

Nolan Krull - Sioux Falls SD

Landon Cerny - Vermillion SD

Dawson Bauer -Sioux Falls SD

Coulter Dobberpuhl - Sioux Falls

Rylan Arbogast - Sioux Falls SD

Jaden Cordova - Sioux Falls SD

Jack Jacobson - Sioux Falls SD

John Lent - Sioux Falls SD

Cole Woolridge - Sioux Falls SD

Bennett Gillespie - Sioux Falls SD

Carson Myron - Sioux Falls SD 


Devalyn Ulerich - Sioux Falls SD

Bennett Ingalls - Hartford SD

James Plorde - Sioux Falls SD

Joseph Plorde - Sioux Falls SD

Coach Anthony Cordova

5th Boys

Parker Scheidt - Sioux Falls SD

Jack Stockland - Sioux Falls SD

Owen Brandt - Sioux Falls SD

Andrew Dierks - Sioux Falls SD

Josh VanDeStroet - Inwood IA

Evan Abild - Sioux Falls SD

Ben Jensen - Sioux Falls SD

Mathew Mead - Sioux Falls SD

O'Dell Davis III - Sioux Falls SD


Connor Jones - Dell Rapids SD

Trevor Keizer - Sioux Falls SD

Camden Jones - Dell Rapids SD

Mason Miller - Sioux Falls SD

Zach Sprenkle - Sioux Falls SD

Miles Bender - Sioux Falls SD

Coach Kelly Hubbard

8th Girls

Payton Pickering - Harrisburg SD

Cecily Brunz - Sioux Falls SD

Karsten Schlimgen - Sioux Falls

Kennedy Krull - Dell Rapids SD

Kerrigan Kindopp - Dell Rapids SD

Kelli Boyle - Dell Rapids SD

Daviney Dreckman - Sioux Falls

McKayla Macke - Sioux Falls SD

Kennedy Reents - Sioux Falls SD

Coach Garrett Callahan

Girls Assistant - Trae VandeBerg

7th Girls

Lindsay Wurth - Sioux Falls SD

Claire Noem - Brandon SD

Ellie Plante - Brandon SD

Ava Brink - Sioux Falls SD

Isabel Carda - Sioux Falls SD

Raegan Auten - Sioux Falls SD

Madison Evans - Sioux Falls SD

Madelyn Friedman - Sioux Falls

Ciara Velasquez - Sioux Falls SD

Lexi Ingalls - Baltic SD

Ella Ready - Sioux Falls SD

Coach Jordan Miller

6th Girls

Ellie McDonald – Hartford SD

Peyten Krull - Crooks SD

Sophie Randall - Dell Rapids SD

Ryan Hanssen – Lennox SD

Eliot Olson - Dell Rapids SD

Ava Gross - Sioux Falls SD

Kassidee Stykel - Dell Rapids SD

Joely Sterud - Dell Rapids SD

Lydia Yost - Parkston SD

Lexi Reider - Dell Rapids SD


Brooke Helland - Sioux Falls SD

Jayci Olson - Harrisburg SD

Emerson Robertson - Sioux Falls

Coach Joey Olson

Other - TBD