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Why Train With Us? Because we understand each level of development for different ages of kids and we are able to accommodate for each skill level that walks through the door. We will take your athlete at whatever skill level they may have and work to increase it each day. We work hard and focus on the little things that add up to bigger things! Learning is a never ending process and there is always something you can do to improve.

8. PLAYERS ARE MADE - The off-season is the time when players are made. But, they need instruction. They need to be efficient in their workouts.  The more efficient their workouts are, the quicker they see improvements and the sooner they buy in. It builds trust, giving them the confidence to push themselves outside their comfort zone.

7. PROGRESSION BASED TEACHING - Everyone says they do it, but we are actually doing it.  We explain, demonstrate, drill….and…stop…teach…stop…correct…the ENTIRE day. Shoot, we will jump into the workout to show you what we mean and beat you up a little bit!! Everyone learns differently and we will adapt to your athletes needs. 

6. PRESSURE - Learn to view pressure as an opportunity.  When we change our perspective we have a tremendous opportunity to change our results. Pressure causes some to break and others to break records. We want you to break records!!!! 

5. COMPLETE PLAYERS - Our athletes will see and hear us talk a lot about being complete players. Most camps/programs/academies work on being great offensive players and that's it. We will make sure your athlete understands that to play at a high level you have to play both ways!

4. LIFE SKILLS - These skills are definitely learned and taught indirectly through sports. No question. But, we are intentionally teaching these concepts from extensive research and personal experiences from all over the globe. We don’t want our players to be better people and better players... We want them to thrive on and off the court, not matter what life path they choose!

3. REPETITIONS - This is a hard concept for many parents/players to grasp. Doing the same thing over & over can be boring to some, but to parents/players who understand the process, its the only way to get better! Most people these days want what is new/different/better on a constant basis, but basketball fundamentals have NOT changed. If you master the fundamentals and are able to use them in competition you will go a long way. 

2. INCREASE PLAYING TIME - Even if your kids coach has a great offense, they aren’t going to be able to successfully execute it without the fundamental skills. Teams that win high school state championships or national championships in college, always have players that go on to play at the next level. Whether that’s high school to college or college to the NBA, these teams have players who can make plays. Bo Ryan spent the first 30 minutes of his 2014 Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Fall Clinic speech teaching passing and catching drills. Translation: Master the Fundamentals = More Playing Time.

1. IT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING - We’ll teach you how to leverage your time and focus on the right things for maximum impact. Players and teams who sweat in front of no one will achieve greatness in front of thousands. The foundation of elite players is built in when no one is watching. It’s not just about being effective it’s about being efficient. You achieve what you emphasize.

Pricing for Lessons in BRANDON

Individual Lessons

1 Player 1 Coach - 45 Min

$50 Per Workout

Semi Private Group

2-4 Players/Coach - 1 Hour

$30 Per Workout

Small Group

5-8 Players/Coach - 1 Hour

$20 Per Workout

Large Group/Team

9+ Athletes/Coach - 1 Hour

$15 Per Workout

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