Tri-State Ambush 

Youth Basketball Academy

Ambush Youth Basketball Tournaments (A.Y.B.T.)

Ambush Youth Basketball Tournaments (AYBT) will strive to give you the best deals possible on tournament entry fees while also giving you the most games for your money! At AYBT we know this is about the kids/for the kids and we hope that you see it the same way. No matter if you are a single mom/dad run team or a large organization with 20 teams - The price you see is the price EVERYONE gets!

Join us for an College Experience Tourney. We will host a tourney the same day and location of an COLLEGE event (Football or Basketball Game). The tourney will run that Saturday morning until the start of the COLLEGE Game. The ENTIRE tourney will be put on pause so all athletes, families and friends have the option to attend the COLLEGE event or just go spend time with each other at a restaurant, movie, or other interests of families/friends. Games will then resume after the COLLEGE event either on that night, if time allows, or it would be finished up on Sunday! Families and Athletes would have to call Group Ticket Sales to purchase tickets to events.

Does your school's Booster Club want to run a Tourney to raise funds? We can help set everything up and make sure your tourney runs smooth and is a huge success! We will take all of the stress out of running a tournament, plus you make your funds for the event!

Do you have a team that plays in the BIG SIOUX LEAGUE, but want to get 3 more games on a Saturday or the next day for 3 Sunday games? Let us know your game times and we will schedule around those times and give you time for travel to certain gyms. 

More for Your Money... More Time with Your Family!