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Tri-State Ambush 

Youth Basketball Academy

Program Values

A is for Accountability – Players, parents, and other's must understand that every action counts towards something. We will be accountable for our actions and we are going to hold everyone else accountable for their actions as well.

M is for Mental Toughness - A player's ability to be mentally tough translates far beyond basketball and sports in general. An athlete that is mentally tough can win with humility, but also make gains through losses. Every event is an opportunity to gain mental toughness.

B is for Brave – Willing to make mistakes is not a normal human function. However, getting out of your comfort zone to progress yourself and your basketball game is essential.  We encourage our players to be brave and embrace making mistakes and learning from them. 

U is for Unselfish - Great players have the ability to see past their own agendas and make the team better by making the extra pass or diving on the loose ball. This is an important part of creating a team environment that we will make known early and often.

S is for Self Made - Each player has a CHOICE to be good or great! They can choose to work hard and be accountable for their success on and off the court. Great players aren't just born with great skill, they choose to be great.

H is for Honesty - We will always be honest about our players and their abilities. Players and parents will be excepted to share the good and the bad of any event or program we offer. The only way to grow is to know!